SCUTTLEBUTT KAYAK EDITION - Patented Kayak Seat, Floating Saddle, & Aquatic Chair

The Scuttlebutt Kayak is an aquatic chair built for the extreme kayaker who is looking for the total package. Rigid panels inserted into a taller rear back support differentiate the "Kayak" edition from the standard Scuttlebutt.  This is the ultimate kayak seat replacement that combines the functionality of a top of the line seat, with the versatility of an aquatic chair or saddle. This is a versatile personal flotation device that you can “Sit On”, “Float On” or “Float In.”  

This product comes with the heavy duty nylon kayak straps and brass clips that are needed to secure your device to your sit on top kayak.  You may need to add or relocate U-clips to your kayak for optimal function.  

Size: The Human Bobber Scuttlebutt Kayak Edition is an adult size that ranges in waist sizes from 25" to 40" plus and has been successfully tested to support up to 300lbs.  Although it is not a Coast Guard approved flotation device, it has the same buoyancy of a Type 3 Coast Guard Approved PFD and will be useful in an emergency condition.


 Testimonial from one of our great customers:


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