Our Promise

Our mission is to make the time you spend on the water more enjoyable.

How is this represented in our products?

Save Time – Time is a valuable resource and we want to make sure you maximize your leisure time.

  • No need to blow up inflatables

  • No need to change out one product for another because of our multifunctional designs

  • Less clutter and mess to clean up or move

Save Space – Storage space is a valuable resource whether it is on your boat or in your home and we want to help you simplify your life.

  • No need for multiple products because ours have many different functions

  • Less clutter on a boat that has limited storage

  • Bring an extra friend who couldn’t come before

Save Money – Everyone loves that!

  • No need to purchase multiple specialty use products

  • Lifetime warranty so our products are built to stand the test of time unlike other inflatables or floats

  • Gas is expensive and so are boats

Less Stress – Get out there and enjoy it!

  • Product you can trust – Lifetime warranty

  • Less clutter at home or on water

  • Invite more friends on the boat

  • Save time, space, and money

  • Comfortable products

  • Never have drink more than an arm length away