BEVERAGE BOBBER - Patented Floating Drink Holder

The patented Beverage Bobber floating drink holder comfortably floats your favorite beverage while keeping it cool in or out of the water!  The all new inflatable design comes in two sizes to fit any size tumbler, rambler, or can cooler.  The inflatable version allows for the product to collapse and store easily at home or in your boat.

SMALL SIZE: 12oz can coolers and bottles

LARGE SIZE: tumblers and ramblers from 16oz to 30oz.  

Why you need it:

The beverage bobber brings all of the luxuries found in our human bobber products to something as equally important to you…..your cold beverage. Yes a perfect day bobbing on the water or in your pool is not complete without some sunshine and a cold beverage. Perfection has arrived and your shoulder can now rest from those long days of holding your precious drink above the water. Your sunny day best friend can now remain within arms reach and bob along side of you in the beverage bobber.  It is the perfect companion for your human bobber product and is sure to enhance your precious time on the water. Come relax, unwind, and float away your day with the beverage bobber floating drink holder.

 What makes it so cool:

  • The inflatable ring keeps your beverage afloat regardless if it is freshly opened, or it’s time for another!
  • Floats any size beverage!
  • Adjustable velcro strap easily fits to most size beverages, can coolers, tumblers, or ramblers. 
  • The nylon cord accessory makes sure your drink is always within reach by connecting your beverage bobber to your human bobber or swim suit, but lets be honest, if your beverage deserves to bob, so do you!





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