BOTTOMS UP - Patented CG Approved Type III Life Jacket & Floating Saddle

Do you want to save space on your boat?  Well this is the product for you!

Throw away those inflatables, noodles and other single purpose devices that take up valuable space on your boat and replace it with this REVOLUTIONARY and patented multi-functional, TYPE III Coast Guard Approved life jacket that is the Swiss Army knife of life jackets. The Bottoms Up Life Jacket is a versatile personal flotation device (PFD) made to “wear it up” for all your water sports needs and general boating, or “wear it down” as a recreational float for bobbing off the back of your boat. 

Sizes: Large - Chest size: 40-46" Waist Size: 32-42" 

                      - It wears like a size large T-shirt

                       - If it doesn't fit, return it within 30 days money back guarantee!

This patented design quickly transforms this comfortable life vest that you “wear up” for water sports and general boating purposes, into a flotation device that can be “worn down” as a saddle or a pair of shorts.  

The multi-functional technology lies in the implementation of a multi-directional dual sliding zipper. This design has one zipper with a slider that closes one direction to function like a typical life vest, but also includes a  second slider that closes in the opposite direction to be used when wearing it upside down as a saddle.

The segmented foam panels allow for breath ability and flexibility for added comfort.  The panel foam design creates air ventilation that keep the user cool during hot days on the water while simultaneously  reducing the amount material that contacts the user.  The panels also flex with the user to create a more form fitting design that allows for a perfect fit for both passive and active recreational use; and deep arm holes allow for a full range of upper body motion.

Clips on either side of the device are designed to clip on to our Beverage Bobber floating can cooler to allow for hands free floating.





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